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You struggle to align your behaviours with your ambitions...

By integrating the NCA coaching tools with the latest findings from scientific research in the field of cognitive and behavioural sciences, I help you to effectively plan the implementation of your personal goals.

You feel demotivated and have the impression that you no longer know what your goal is...

In front of what is known as "soft depression", I help you to become aware of the dynamics that guide your actions in order to identify, and put back in the centre of the stage, your primary motivations, inexhaustible source of pleasure and energy.

You tend to over-invest in projects and/or relationships and to feel extreme and/or ambivalent emotions in relation to them...

Facing so-called hyper-functioning dynamics, I help you to uncover the mechanisms and triggers of such dynamics, with the aim of regaining more control and serenity.

You feel constantly stressed and "at the end of your rope"...

Knowing that stress is an instinctive mechanism, stemming from ancient cerebral structures, meant to enable individuals to escape from a danger threatening survival, it does not seem relevant to manage the small challenges of daily life under stress. Together, we will question this automatic mode of functioning and try to understand the dynamics of your stress reactions. As such, you will learn to recognise your stress triggers and learn to call upon more adapted modes of functioning in the face of everyday problems.

You wish to understand yourself better and feel more in harmony with who you are...

Through open-ended questioning and the diagnostic tools of NCA, I help you to shed light on your deepest motivations as well as on the brakes and blockages that may prevent you from feeling in tune with yourself.

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